Industry leader The Social Brand unveils The Promotion Path, a proven way to build a marketing plan

The Social Brand introduces a game-changing and proven 4-step path that gives businesses a specific direction to follow that will lay the foundation and help them scale their businesses.

The Social Brand, a top branding and marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN, is out to revolutionize the industry after unveiling The Promotion Path, which offers a 4-step proven path to grow and scale any service-related business.

“Many business owners think they need to do everything – from websites to ads, emails, and social media. However, there is a proven way to create a marketing plan that doesn’t waste their time or resources. That’s where The Social Brand comes into the picture,” says CEO and founder Victory Harbin, who holds 29 marketing certifications and thoroughly enjoys helping businesses connect with their customers. She goes on to explain that, “The Promotion Path comes out of the years we’ve helped businesses successfully reach their goals. This is the exact strategy we use with our clients.”

Ms. Harbin says the first leg of The Promotion Path is building the right digital marketing strategy, by first identifying the primary goals of the business. This strategy also includes knowing the company, how to solve customer problems, determining the core offerings, and completing a very thorough competitive analysis.  With this information, businesses can establish how to position themselves in the market strategically and how to find their target audience in the marketplace.

The next step is developing the branding, which Ms. Harbin stressed should always tie back to who the business is serving.

“Developing the branding goes back to knowing customer pain points and preferences, not just what you like. It’s about knowing the visuals and message that would give them the confidence to choose the business and the elements that would help them make an emotional connection,” shares Ms. Harbin. “Branding should create a cohesive image of your company across print and digital platforms that makes your company stand out in a sea of competition”

The third step in The Promotion Path is about creating valuable content about the topics that would be most helpful to potential customers. This revolves around bringing out useful content that answers individuals’ questions about a product or service, the concerns that drive them to seek a solution, and the tips and advice they would need along the way.  For many businesses, it’s assumed that this is just social media but according to Ms. Harbin, it’s a lot more than that.  She states, “Most importantly, content supports your leads and customers. It provides them information, leads them down a path, answers a question, engages them, and provides value in some way. It can be anything from a post on social media to a free guide on your website to the automated email they get after paying their invoice.” 

Ms. Harbin says the fourth step in the Promotion Path involves turning all those efforts into leads by amplifying their brand through lead generation efforts. Businesses can utilize search engine optimization (SEO) approaches so people can quickly find their blogs on the internet. They can even invest in Google ads to direct traffic to their latest download and utilize their videos to advertise on social media.

Those who want to learn more about The Promotion Path and take their businesses to the next level may visit or contact The Social Brand team to get started. Others who wish to learn more about the leading digital marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN, may follow its social channels for more information.

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