Introducing Bloomi: The New Generation of Superflower Tea To-go

This woman-led brand brings premium organic loose-leaf tea in four super flower varieties to-go cups.

This winter season, hot tea is a go-to drink for the health-conscious. There are many varieties around but finding a suitable one for people on the go is often a challenge. Bloomi Tea, a new generation of to-go teas, understands this dilemma. As such, it brings its line of flavor-rich loose-leaf tea in go-to cups ideal for today’s busy professionals and digital nomads.

Tea consumption in the US has also grown dramatically in the past years. According to the Tea Association of the USA, Inc., Americans consumed around 85 billion servings of tea in 2021 alone. This is equivalent to more than 3.9 billion gallons.

Today, it’s the beverage of choice for a whole generation of health-conscious people who appreciates the high-quality tea that Bloomi offers in a convenient to-go cup.

“Modern people want their cup of tea with minimal mess-free preparation to suit any lifestyle. We offer exactly that! Bloomi Tea presents an innovative organic loose-leaf tea in a convenient to-go cup SmarTea Cuppa™,” said the company representative.

Bloomi Tea is available in Black Osmanthus Orange (Detox), Black Jasmine Chrysanthemum (Immunity), Green Rose Matcha (Balance), and Green Butterfly Pea Flower (Clarity) flavors. These flavors use only organic premium loose-leaf tea combined with superfoods. Just add water and enjoy a premium quality beverage enriched with super flowers and botanicals.

With Bloomi Tea, drinkers can now steer clear of the good old flimsy bleached bags of second-class teas. “We stand for the highest quality and nutritional value of each one of our products,” said the representative. Head over to the brand’s Amazon page to see the comparison of Bloomi Tea versus other brands.

Every part of the Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa™ is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable so drinkers are guaranteed to take part in caring for Mother Nature after consuming Bloomi Tea products. “We pledge to force collective action and protect our planet for future generations,” the representative shares.

Feedback for the brand completely endorsed its approach, quality, and innovation. One of its clients, CarsForever, said “The tea is delicious with subtle spice-type flavors. The tea leaves are in the cup under a mesh separator a little bit from the bottom of the cup. I used one cup twice to make tea and the flavor was slightly weaker in the second serving but still very drinkable. You could probably get three and maybe even four uses from one cup as the flavor is still solid. I really like the convenience of the tea in the cup for uses such as camping or traveling.”

Another client, Brenda Marie, said “I really did like the flavor of the tea a lot actually. I usually have to add a splash of soy milk or another type of plant milk to take off the bitter edge from most green teas. But this green tea with the blue pea flower is not bitter at all to me. It actually tasted quite lovely. Easy enough to make and easy enough to share with others. The color starts off as a very bright green. The second cup is a greenish blue and the third was a slight violet color. I do love that it is organic!”

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About Bloomi Tea

Bloomi Tea offers premium tea in its trailblazing Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa™, an eco-friendly yet convenient to-go cup. Available in four flavor varieties, Bloomi Tea reimagines the ancient tea ceremony for today’s lifestyle. A natural, plant-based membrane at the bottom of the cup preserves, filtrates, and brews a skillfully crafted bouquet of loose-leaf organic tea leaves and potent botanicals for everyone’s indulgence and rejuvenation. No mess, no fuss, no need for teapots or dishwashing, and no tired-to-go mugs.

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