Lifeboost Coffee LLC Featured on Inc.’s Top 5000 as the fastest-growing Provider of Clean, Healthy, and Low Acid Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee has earned recognition from Inc. for being number 29 overall of the top 5000 fast-growing companies. For seven years, the company has been supplying clean, healthy coffee to many clients around the world. It utilizes specialty beans to produce tasty coffee.

Lifeboost Coffee LLC is a US-based company renowned for providing healthy coffee made from specialty beans. Co-founded by a physician, Dr. Charles Livingston, the company has maintained a clean track record of supplying the healthiest coffee from a single source.

With seven years of experience in coffee processing, Lifeboost Coffee has grown to become the midwest’s most trusted healthy coffee provider. From coffee harvesting, drying, and roasting, to grinding, the company gets everything done to perfection. The company’s passion for coffee and dedication to health is why the coffee maker has been featured on’s top 5000 fastest growing companies as number 29 overall, and the number one coffee company featured.

“We are your one-stop provider for clients looking for coffee that’s healthy and good for the stomach,” said Charles Livingston, Co-founder of Lifeboost Coffee. “Our coffee processing is carried out by experts who carefully select the beans and ensure they are properly dried, roasted, and ground. All our beans are tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, molds, pesticides, and 400 other toxins to ensure they’re clean.”

Lifeboost Coffee started as an idea in 2015. In its feature, Inc. Magazine calls it a ‘gut’ feeling.’ Since its inception, Dr. Livingston has worked with small farmers who constantly supply the company with sustainably grown coffee beans.

Even more notable perhaps, is Lifeboost Coffee’s dedication to different causes. The coffee producer supports people, wildlife, and the environment through different partnerships and donations. While supporting farmers, their families, and the community at large, part of the company’s profits go to building schools in areas where the coffee farms are situated. It also supports the Rainforest Trust to help preserve and protect the trees and wildlife. Each of these causes is a central pillar of Lifeboost Coffee’s company values.

Another one of the company’s causes is to support the health and wellness of their customers. Coffee is a commodity consumed by 50% of the world’s population. It is the major source of antioxidants, and Lifeboost believes it should be delivered clean and healthy. This is the roadmap it uses to find healthy, tasty, and stomach-friendly beans for its clients. Their beans are naturally grown to maturity, sun-dried, and washed with spring water. They are also pH tested to ensure low acidity.

Roasting and grinding coffee are crucial processes that ensure a delicious-tasting brew. They determine the taste, concentration, and quality of the drink. Lifeboost Coffee uses specialist skills to process its coffee. Its products are made from 100% pure USDA organic coffee. It is GMO and mycotoxin free. It is available in four roasts: light roast, medium roast, dark roast, and decaf. The company believes in quality, and its TrustPure process ensures quality in both process and product.

Lifeboost Coffee’s success is measured by its efforts and dedication to coffee processing. While it sources the coffee directly from farmers, it also roasts it fresh once the customer places an order. This way, customers are assured of fresh coffee that has been carefully handpicked and roasted to their specifications. The coffee undergoes rigorous third-party testing to eliminate doubts about any toxins present.

“If you want to taste our delicious coffee but are skeptical about the shipping costs and return policy, we assure you of fair terms,” the Company Spokesperson continued. Our Company offers free shipping on orders costing $50 and above. We guarantee you’ll love our product. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you in full immediately after you return it.”

Lifeboost is a specialist coffee maker who delivers great-tasting coffee to the consumer. It stands out as a provider with the customer’s health in mind, as well as the well-being of the communities of its customers and farmers. The company created a thorough process that vets the product and processes at each step to ensure people drink the best coffee from healthy beans. Their beans are lab tested for minimum acidity, which is beneficial for the health of people’s stomachs and teeth.

Lifeboost Coffee has a remarkable track record of producing the finest, quality, healthy coffee in the US. The company boasts of processing the cleanest, healthy, low-acid coffee in the world. The local and international market relies on its products for a daily cup O’ Joe, which is a necessity for most. Their coffee is backed by a satisfaction guarantee and full refund to give customers peace of mind.

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