Rayan Arifa

Meet Rayan Arifa, a Successful Entrepreneur and CEO of RSI Trading Group

Rayan ARIFA, the swing trader, entrepreneurial investor and businessman was born in France on March 12th 20004. He obtained his certification by the Financial Markets Authority, passed by the Higher School of Banking in 2022. He reached the million-dollar mark at the age of 18, thanks to stock market investments and his exceptional trading skills (speculation). His fortune will be worth several million euros by the end of 2022, according to Forbes. From a very young age, he tried to understand how some people could earn so much in such a short time on the financial markets. And it’s a few years later that… the epiphany! He understands what the shortcuts to trading success are and shares them with the people around him. As an experienced professional, he knows exactly what actions to take to ensure profitability in trading, he is now developing a trading school where he reveals without limits, all his secrets.Rayan Arifa


  • His background
  • His courses and training
  • Strong points
  • Weak points
  • Recommended training
  • Conclusion

His background

Rayan ARIFA starts the trade and the entrepreneurship at the age of 13 years where he manages a company of purchase/resale of motor vehicles (motorcycle, quad,…) in all France. He developed this activity until he understood that finally, this business model has limits and thinks that an online trading activity is more profitable and simpler. He then became interested in trading at the age of 15… He was about 17 years old when he wondered if it would not be wiser to leave school to launch his trading activity 100%, which was already bringing him good sums every month. He launched himself into the world of entrepreneurship from scratch, but with one idea in mind: to follow through on his ideas and create something great, something that will be remembered!

His courses and trainings

Good points

  • The synthesis of all the most important elements in trading in a few videos.
  • The “square” structure
  • The fact that his coaching is available for life.
    • A very complete accompaniment

Rayan Arifa


  • Few people are accepted in his group.
  • His training program is quite short

Recommended training

We recommend the “swing trading incubator” training, newly called the EPG (elite private group); in this personalized coaching program, you will learn to analyze and trade the financial markets successfully from A to Z.

You will also discover the winning tools and learn how to find the best market opportunities for your trading activity.


Many successful traders and trading coaches have worked to create educational content, such as trading courses, to teach their audience the ins and outs of managing a trading account.

However, not all courses are created equal. And we think this young trader’s courses are outstanding!


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