Olivia Johnson Publishing Announces New Inspirational Book “My Storm Brought My Peace”

Olivia Johnson Publishing Announces New Inspirational Book

Los Angeles, California – March 9, 2023 – Olivia Johnson, the author of the inspiring new book “My Storm Brought My Peace,” has announced that her publishing company will release another inspirational book by February next year. The new book is expected to be just as inspiring to both women and men.

“My Storm Brought My Peace” is an inspirational urban story about the struggles of a woman in an urban community to communicate with God rather than chase the naked eye’s belief in money, cars, and clothes. Olivia Johnson’s quote, “For life will always be grind until it’s time to shine, there is a dream Girl in every female,” encapsulates the message of her book.

The inspiration behind “My Storm Brought My Peace” was Olivia Johnson’s experience growing up in an urban society, where she observed how easy it is to be manipulated by the sight of what seems to attract any child with dreams of becoming wealthy, famous, and accepted by what’s in fashionable demand. The creative process of writing the book was challenging, but Olivia relied on her spirit man to guide her.

In the near future, Olivia Johnson–soon to be a doctor in creative writing–is on a journey of success that has been hard-fought for. Her story will soon take center stage as her masterpiece “My Storm Brought My Peace” is adapted into an awe-inspiring play production. Through it all, she remains determined and resilient, embodying what countless little brown girls strive for every day: dreams realized through dedication and effort. An inspiration for all little brown girls everywhere, her words of wisdom echo: “Little brown girls, never let the pressure bust your pipes. You are loved, you are fierce, so walk without fear, for by faith, you have come this far!”

Olivia Johnson’s book “My Storm Brought My Peace” is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration, hope, and a deeper connection with God. 

For more information, visit Olivia Johnson’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/Olivia Amira Assaata Johnson and her Instagram.

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