Rippl Impact Gear want snowboarders to be able to safely push their limits further – in style

Rippl Impact Gear the Snowboard and Ski impact clothing company are causing quite a Ripple in the snowboard market with their impact shorts. 

Rippl impact claim that protective gear should be available to everyone at a cost-effective price. 

Co-founder Ricky Harewood said “As Snowboarders ourselves, Nick and myself aim to offer all levels of snowboarders impact protection gear. We know that to push yourself you need the confidence that when you crash out (and it happens to the best of us) you are protected. We have several products in the pipeline including products our customers have specifically asked for.”


Pre CV19 there were around 7.7 million active snowboarders in the US alone.  Almost all snowboarders will fall over (crash out) at some point, so it makes sense to be able to reduce that impact by wearing impact shorts. 

Around 20% of snowboarders still don’t wear helmets and around 65% don’t wear any other type of impact protection. 

There are two groups of snowboarders who don’t wear protective gear: 

The first group: 60+ year old skiers/snowboarders who have never done so in the past and don’t see why they should now.

The second group are the younger snowboarders, that don’t think protective gear is ‘cool’ and that they won’t get hurt.

Ricky states: “We see it all the time, some younger boarders’ comment that they don’t need protective gear because they are so good at snowboarding. The fact is if they don’t need protective gear, they are not pushing themselves hard enough.”


Rippl Impact Gear offer an intelligently designed protection for those who want to push themselves harder on the slopes or for those who just want to make sure they stay intact.

Rippl Impact shorts are made of EVA an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. The material is said to be strong at low temperatures (perfect for snow sports) and offer waterproof resistance. It’s works as the perfect impact polymer to absorb shocks. 


Rippl Impact have recently disclosed they are working on a fresh set of designs for their already existing and highly selling range of Impact Shorts.  One of the team here quoted: “We were given a quick peak at one of the new limited-edition designs and we think the Snowboard industry are going to make a big fuss around these.  If they follow this new theme throughout people are going to buy into the this as a must have fashion item for the slopes, let alone important safety gear. Rippl haven’t allowed us to show the full design, but here is a glimpse.”


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