The Lab Label uses plastic bottles to make laboratory coats

By using plastic bottles and sustainably-sourced wood 100 % recycled lab coats are made

July 27th, 2022 – The Lab Label unveiled their new product line called Ecogreen. The company had the environmental crisis in mind when developing its new lab coat line, as the lab coats are 100% recycled.

The Lab Label focuses on affordability and personalisation while maintaining the quality of the lab coat above the industry average. Their standard line of lab coats is made of a 65% – 35% polyester-cotton blend, for better durability and mechanical damage resistance.

Now the lab coat brand decided to give back to the environment by developing recycled lab coats. The new lab coats are made of a revolutionary material, composed of polyester from recycled plastic bottles and lyocell – special cellulose fibres from sustainably-sourced wood. The latter serves as a substitute for cotton.

“The point of the Ecogreen lab coats is to reduce the environmental footprint of lab coat manufacturing as much as possible”, said Miha Rajh, The Lab Label’s CEO. “We achieve that by recycling already used plastic bottles to produce the polyester and by replacing cotton, which wastes a lot of water when it’s being prepared for fabric, with lyocell fibres. These are made from sustainably sourced wood.”

The company hopes to set an example for sustainability in workwear and to get other companies to take the eco-friendly initiative in their manufacturing processes.

More information on the environmentally-friendly lab coats can be found here:

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