Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Installation Instructions

1. First of all, please notice that the auto ac compressor is only responsible for air conditioning compression work, instead of refrigeration. No leakage, no abnormal noise, with sufficient pressure is the qualified products.

2. Without the installation of auxiliary fan or if the condenser or radiator surface is too dirty, during the use of air conditioning, in the heat process it will cause high temperature of the whole system, then leading to the high pressure of compressor, easily to cause damage to the compressor and clutch.

3.  When the original compressor was damaged, it may be caused by serious issues in air conditioning system. Most common problems in air conditioning systems are: 

(1) Poor heat dissipation or too much gas – both will result in too high pressure produced by compressor, which leads to the damage of the pressure plate and connecting rod parts.

(2) After a long period of use of the vehicle, the compressor will be aging, it will bring the organic carbon, which will cause the pipe clogging or receiver drier failure, it can’t filter the moisture and then lead to the ice block;

(3) If the pipeline is not installed or fixed, after prolonged swing, it will result in loose air leakage.

4. Be sure to perform the following steps before replacing the compressor:

(1) Separate the hoses in the system and clean them, pour the cleaner into the pipelines of condenser and evaporator, then soak about 20 minutes. The next step is to use high pressure nitrogen to wash out the dirt and cleaner. Following parts cannot be flushed, but needs to be relpaced: compressor, receiver drier, hydrop and throttling tube. After flushing the system once, check if impurities left. If so, try to flush the system again.  

(2) Please clean the surface of the condenser and evaporator, and check the speed of radiator fan.

(3) Clean or replace the expansion valve, the receiver drier and pipe filter must be replaced.

(4) Vacuum, fill in with the gas, check low and high pressure (low pressure 30-40 Psi, high pressure is 180-200 Psi). If the pressure is different, please diagnose the system before running air conditioning system.

(5) Check and correct the volume and viscosity of the oil. And then install the compressor.


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