Philadelphia-based Law Firm Newton, Udinson & Hill Makes Case for Client Accessibility

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2022 / With roots that run deep in the state of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia-based law firm of Newton, Udinson & Hill has built a strong reputation for being accessible and winning cases for its clients.

Prior to founding the firm in 2021, Frank Udinson practiced for several years at one of Pennsylvania’s preeminent workers’ compensation law firms. He was soon joined by Shuaiyb Newton, who previously represented victims of crime in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania as an Assistant United States Attorney, focusing on crimes against children and the community. Marisa Hill joined the firm last winter after practicing workers’ compensation law with a regional defense firm for nine years.

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(l to r) Frank Udinson, Shuaiyb Newton & Marisa Hill

With a steady flow of new clients, the three partners put their collective focus on each case. The firm works primarily on assisting those who’ve suffered personal injuries, including injured workers and disabled veterans.

Many people whose workplace compensation claims are denied, Udinson explained, either don’t know what their legal options are or believe they don’t need an attorney when negotiating with the insurance companies.

“They really put themselves at a disadvantage if they try to do this on their own,” Udinson said. “In one case, this gentleman was going to settle his workplace compensation claim for $10,000 after he negotiated by himself with the insurance company. Fortunately, the judge told him he had to talk to an attorney because he wasn’t going to approve the settlement.”

The man called Newton, Udinson, and Hill. The current offer from the insurance company is now several times higher than the previously proposed settlement amount.

“And now this man is being told he’s going to need hip surgery from the injuries he sustained,” Udinson said. “So, clearly this was a case where the insurance company is trying to take advantage of him.”

The firm’s three partners are now putting the advantage back on the side of their clients. The firm’s website, lists several settlements its attorneys have won on behalf of their clients, including a U.S, Navy veteran Udinson represented who was medically discharged in 1989, She filed for service-connected benefits related to the condition for which she was discharged, but the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs denied her claim.

After filing for benefits again, she ultimately won her case before the Board of Veterans Appeals, who not only granted service connection but awarded benefits going back to 1989 finding that the original denial was the product of clear and unmistakable error. The VA awarded her $332,742.10 in back due benefits.

With insurance company tactics and other factors extending the time it takes to negotiate settlements sometimes to several months, clients can experience undue stress and financial worries. That’s one reason why the firm’s three partners make themselves as accessible as possible, providing clients with their personal cell phone numbers so they can call them anytime to get an update on their cases.

“We’re all on the same page in that we want to help people,” Udinson said. “I talk and text with my clients all hours of the day, or they DM me on Instagram. Some clients who have switched to us from a larger firm will tell us they didn’t even know who their attorney was because they never spoke with them. I think that’s one of the driving forces for our growth and success. We try to provide that personal attention.”

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Newton, Udinson & Hill, PLLC is a Philadelphia-based law firm focusing primarily on assisting those who’ve suffered personal injuries, including injured workers and disabled veterans. If you’ve suffered a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall injury, or an injury at work, or need assistance obtaining veterans’ benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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