Discover Self-Empowerment And The Magic Of Knowledge In The Pages Of ‘The Time Is Now’

Millions of people have spent years searching for answers that would finally explain to them the meaning of life. Seeking purpose, direction and truth, Life Coach Hunter Harris found his answers while actively practicing the grounding effects of yoga and meditation.

Through yoga and meditation, Harris has discovered the power of the mind, body, emotion and energy in achieving dreams and fulfilling one’s life goals. After helping hundreds of others, and experiencing the transformative powers of meditation and conscious visualization for over 5 years, he decided to share his insights in an effort to help others reach their own peak potential. In his book, ‘The Time Is Now’, he emphasizes how thoughts create an emotional vibration that can generate action directed towards a dream or goal, which in turn leads to results – forming a powerful loop that will lead to success.

Harris’ strategies for helping his clients are based on the foundation that all answers are within the self. Self reflection and focusing on personal development, rather than leaning into the noise of trends, and competing with others is key to achieving one’s highest level of potential.  He challenges his clients to tap into their own beauty and genius and teaches them how to express them in full ownership and confidence.  In his book, Harris promises that, “Not everyone can achieve the same results but everyone can reach their greatest potential and that is more than enough for an extraordinary life!”

The book also provides strategies for taking steps towards one’s aspirations with confidence and enthusiasm. It teaches readers how to identify desired outcomes and craft achievable plans while harnessing the powers of information and knowledge. Aimed at those yearning for personal growth yet uncertain how to get there, it promises to be an invaluable roadmap on the journey towards finding purpose and true fulfillment in life.

To find out more about Hunter Harris and his book, ‘The Time Is Now’, visit his website at

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