Join World-Renowned Hapkido Grandmasters For The 2023 Korea Hapkido Federation Masters Course USA In Philadelphia

The martial arts community is buzzing with excitement as Grandmaster Christopher Garland, head instructor of Executive Martial Arts and an 8th-degree black belt from Nashville, TN, has been chosen to co-host the prestigious 2023 Korea Hapkido Federation Masters Course USA in Philadelphia.

On Friday, February 24th and Saturday, February 25th, martial arts enthusiasts can join the elite seminar at the Hilton Penn’s Landing in historic Philadelphia, PA to train alongside some of the world’s top Hapkido Grandmasters.

Grandmaster Christopher Garland is no stranger to martial arts. Growing up in Nashville and surrounded by country music stars admiring his grandfather – legendary bluegrass musician and hit songwriter Vassar Clements – Christopher was given the opportunity at a young age to travel overseas and train with some of the most renowned classical Asian martial arts and swordsmanship masters.

With over 30 years of experience teaching at Executive Martial Arts, he has earned respect from martial artists locally and internationally for his ability to take his students to the highest level of proficiency, both physically and mentally.

The seminar will feature training from globally recognized Hapkido Grandmasters such as KHF South Korea President Oh Se Lim; Vice President Beom Chul Kim; Vice President & Secretary Sung Book Bae; KHF USA Chairman Tommy Bernard; KHF USA Vice Chairman & Vice Director of Education Committee R. Christopher Garland; KHF USA Advisor Myung Yong Kim; and KHF USA Technical Director Scott Yates.

Throughout the two days of seminars, attendees will be able to learn not only Hapkido techniques but also how to develop a sense of confidence, clarity in their emotional life, self-defense skills, sensory awareness as well as situational awareness – equipping them with all they need to be successful martial artists.

Aside from having an amazing career as a successful martial artist himself, Grandmaster Christopher Garland is also committed to giving back through charity work via Operator’s Humanity Project – helping children who need structure, confidence, and discipline more than ever gain access to high-quality training regardless of their ability to pay.

Through this event on February 24th and 25th in Philadelphia, those looking for an opportunity like this have a once-in-a-lifetime chance with limited seating available.

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