Iconic laser clinic Mestiza Laser Spa is now servicing New York and Miami.

The leader in laser treatments, Mestiza Laser Spa, is recognized for high-quality, non-invasive medical and cosmetic procedures using the latest technology.

Mestiza Laser Spa is proud to announce its expansion, now servicing New York and Miami. The clinic is recognized for cutting-edge laser treatments and cosmetic procedures. Most notably, Mestiza Laser Spa founders Haris Lekaj and Michelle Hokama invented the INOVA Laser machine that is licensed, patented, and FDA-approved.

As people seek more permanent hair removal solutions, Mestiza Laser Spa is setting the standard. The clinic offers highly effective procedures delivered with state-of-the-art technology, pocket-friendly prices, and a wide range of laser treatments, facials, body contouring, and other treatments. The INOVA lasers are unique to Mestiza Spa, and doctors, specialists, and others in the industry have visited Mestiza Laser Spa to learn about INOVA cosmetics and the Mestiza Spa approach to medical and cosmetic procedures.

Mestiza Laser Spa was founded in 2010 in New York as Infinity Spa, which set the standard for the growing spa and its nine other locations. Mestiza, a name from Latin America, meaning mixed, provided the perfect brand name for a spa that wanted to establish itself as an inclusive and culturally diverse clinic. Since Mestiza Laser Spa was launched, it has made global waves thanks to its unique treatments, excellent customer service, and use of the latest technology.

The founders, Lekaj and Hokama, spent years researching the best treatment techniques and technologies to create a solution that serves all customers’ needs. INOVA Lasers are changing the laser hair removal game. The spa utilizes machines that no one else in the world has.

In addition to the founders being the inventors of a unique laser treatment machine, all technicians and employees at Mestiza are licensed and undergo rigorous training, aside from their schooling, to uphold the clinic’s promise of unparalleled customer service. The staff members also receive continuous education as they serve clients. 

The team has mentored multiple professionals in the spa business and has helped many open their own clinics. The model behind their success is that they don’t believe in competition. They believe in their technology and customer service. 

In all their locations combined in NYC and Miami, the Mestiza team treats over 200 clients daily. Mestiza Laser Spa also offers a wide range of facial and body treatments. Facial treatments include acne treatments, skin tightening, and anti-aging procedures. Their body treatment services include endospheres therapy that helps with cellulite, spray tanning, and emsculpt (smart gym). Radiofrequency to tighten skin, and scrubbing to remove dead cells, among many other treatments, are also offered. The clinic leverages the newest treatments and technologies to deliver clients’ desired results.

The gentle, non-invasive techniques employed by Mestiza Laser Spa have a powerful effect on the body and the customer’s ability to relax during the procedure. INOVA lasers are safe for whole-body hair removal, and clients begin seeing results after the first session. However, the clinic recommends at least six sessions for long-term results.

Mestiza professionals also provide in-depth information on each procedure before, during, and after to help clients understand the techniques, treatment, and expectations.

With the continued geographical expansion, cutting-edge treatment procedures, and an incredible team, Mestiza Laser Spa is well positioned to continue to provide stellar laser hair removal and medical and cosmetic procedures to its clients. The spa’s affordable, advanced, and highly effective INOVA Laser machine is changing the face of hair removal globally.

Visit the website or Instagram page to learn more about the revolutionary INOVA invention, the founders, and the spa.

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