Lux Lions Purchases Private Virtual Community Island in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse

 Lux Lions, a rare, blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 lion-themed digital assets, has partnered with blockchain-based virtual reality platform Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a Barbados-based company to expand their Lion Pride by offering a fun and exciting opportunity for users to acquire Virtual Land in Lux Lions Oasis, a 5,000-plot Aftermath Islands community that is one of Aftermath Islands’ first private island programs.

Lux Lion NFT holders are being given the first opportunity to purchase virtual plots and parcels of land within this community, and initial sales of these pieces of virtual land have already commenced and have already received an enthusiastically positive response from the community.

Lux Lions is also partnering with other organizations to provide unique on-island events for virtual landowners on Lux Lions Oasis. One of these partners is the Bored Ape Football Club (BAFC), the first football-focused community DAO and one of the first sports projects entering the Metaverse. BAFC and Lux Lions will be launching a professional stadium on the Lux Lions Oasis in Aftermath Islands to celebrate BAFC’s first foray into the Metaverse.

According to Gartner, the Metaverse is one of the top five emerging tech trends for 2022. Global spending on Metaverse technologies is expected to grow almost five-fold from about $15 billion today to almost $73 billion by 2024. JPMorgan has even called the Metaverse “the next trillion-dollar opportunity,” with industry leaders in gaming, retail, education, the arts, healthcare, business solutions, and blockchain all investing in this rapidly evolving and emerging ecosystem. Citi has stated that the Metaverse may be in its infancy, but it could represent a revenue opportunity of as much as $13 trillion and have a major impact on not just key tech players, but also cryptocurrencies.

Regarding the partnership, David Lucatch, Managing Director of Aftermath Islands, said: “We are excited to partner with Lux Lions and to see the successful purchase of Lux Lions Oasis. With multi-chain support, immersive environments, a robust economic model, and breathtaking imagery, Aftermath Islands is laying the foundation for a wide range of user-focused virtual experiences and opportunities of every type. The deal value of Lux Lions Oasis – which falls in the managed private island properties category – is already at six figures and is growing. Similar partnerships and endeavors with other partners will represent both short- and long-term accretive revenue from 3rd party communities and is a sign of things to come for users, developers, brands, and partners in the Metaverse for the coming months and years.”

RVW of Lux Lions said: “We are thrilled to be working with the skilled, passionate, and award-winning Aftermath Islands team. The Aftermath Islands platform uses Unreal Engine 5 to bring realistic graphics to life and supports pixel streaming with no downloads needed, making accessibility issues a thing of the past. The community’s response to Lux Lions Oasis and the partnership with Aftermath Islands has been nothing short of exemplary, and we are confident that we can now focus on pursuing our vision of becoming the #1 XRP-based Metaverse project and delivering experiential gaming to users, unmatched utility to our holders, and paving the way for future Metaverse projects for years to come.”

Lux Lions’ unique digital collectibles will be living within the XRP Ledger. Lux Lions chose XRP for their project because Ripple and the XRP ledger are pioneers in the crypto space, and XPRL can handle up to 1,500 transactions per second and uses an amendment process that is built for broad participation. It also uses an environmentally friendly consensus mechanism and features seamless transactions that settle in between 3 and 5 seconds.

The Lux Lions project was launched in May 2022 and has been wildly successful, hitting its 2,500 token sell-out in just 35 hours, quickly rising to fame as a must-have digital asset for NFT fans and collectors all over the world.

About Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited

Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited is a Barbados corporation that is 50% owned and is controlled by Oasis Digital Studios Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc (CSE:LQID / OTC: LQAVF / FRA: 4T51. Aftermath Island Token Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, is a British Virgin Islands corporation

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is an open-world, realistic graphic virtual world where users can buy, develop, trade, and sell Virtual Land (VL), property, and items using in-game collectible NFTs. From play-to-earn games to online experiences, collaboration, immersive entertainment, and more, Aftermath Islands brings live streaming, high-definition graphics, exemplary interactivity, real-world mechanics, and countless new services and experiences to players all around the world. The platform is built on the philosophy of decentralization and economic inclusivity and promises to provide captivating experiences that allow people around the world to earn their way into virtual land ownership.

Learn about Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds here and read about how the project is reimagining Metaverse experiences in the future in the project light paper and sizzle reel.

About Lux Lions NFT Brand

Created by XRP Enthusiast, Ripple Van Winkle, Youtuber and entrepreneur who began posting videos to YouTube in 2020 gaining more than 6 million views and over 47K subscribers. His mission is simple: he thrives to educate newcomers and veterans in the digital asset space by providing them with real-time/real-world factual updates on the current crypto and digital asset environments. In addition to his YouTube channel, RPV also runs a successful XRP website ( which is the leader in today’s XRP news.

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