Photomodel Valentina Lavida – a desert flower in rubber pants

The 22-year-old, who is often compared to Mia Khalifa, has been mixing the Instagram community for a year. But what distinguishes Valentina from the competition in the now highly competitive Instagram market. According to her statement “her secrets”.

It started 2021 with boots, leggings and a leather jacket with nothing underneath. A kind of trademark to this day. During this time, she was able to gain more than 100,000 followers with her concept and generates a monthly income equivalent to a new car. Her Portfolio shows everything that glitters and is tight. Especially rocker and heavy metal fans are enthusiastic about their leather outfits and their reels, which are often accompanied by metal and rock music.

“I think many of course enjoy my visual entertainment that never stops. I’m like a TV station that broadcasts every day. The fans can also have a say in what I wear. They love these dress up games. In online surveys they can choose from a variety of boots, leggings, jackets, dresses and lingerie. My fans are directly involved in this and admit it. Who didn’t like to dress up dolls in the past? But I think, they like my secrets the most. They speculate about my roots. Arabic, Italian, Spanish. Nobody knows for sure. And whether I have freed myself from cultural constraints. Maybe one day I’ll tell you.”

But nothing comes from nothing. It all started with a lot of prepayment and therefore with a certain risk. No outfit should be reused. So a lot had to be bought to put the outfits together. Everything has calmed down a bit. Especially when it comes to shoes, she now likes to go back to the tried and tested.


She also sees her body and face as a unique selling point. Men love the dominance that their athletic bodies and angular faces express. In order to maintain and perfect this figure, sport is on the daily agenda. But not every curve comes from the gym. What exactly she did is also one of her mysteries. But if you look at her portfolio, you’ll see that two gains can’t come from strength training.


Valentina Lavida, a powerful 22-year-old sparkling star on the influencer horizon creates in one year a blue print for every woman, who enviously swiped through the successful Instagram profiles. With an iron will, some investments, and a lot of work.

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