Sunny Life Coach Kathleen Tucka Helps People Discover and Achieve Life Goals With a Fresh Approach

Kathleen Tucka, the founder of Sunny Life Coach, is on a mission to help people overcome the mental obstacle preventing them from achieving their life goals. Sunny Life Coach applies a unique process mapping approach that inhibits discontent, self-doubt, and lack of confidence—factors that limit productivity—and guides participants toward achieving positive results in their personal or professional life.

A lifelong student always looking to learn more and pushing the boundaries of self-development.  There are times when people question their roles in life, society, or the workplace. Sometimes, therapy and consulting help or simply researching and reading self-improvement books could do the trick. But when implementing these methods does not deliver the desired results, it is time to explore new horizons—hire a life coach.

Whether in business or social life, there is a notable difference between a consultant and a coach. While consulting is essentially conducted by an independent party assessing a situation and providing a resolution, coaching employs a far more personal approach and deals with the present and the future of an individual.  

A good life coach helps chart an achievable path to success specific to an individual. The roadmap considers the individual’s dreams, capabilities, attitude, commitment, and many other factors—critical elements that help a coach determine the best way to achieve the person’s goals. 

This is precisely where Sunny Life Coach has repeatedly proven the coaching approach’s effectiveness. Its founder, Kathleen Tucka, has worked with countless individuals and small businesses to break free from restraining paradigms that inhibit the achievement of realizable goals. It is the ability to provide clarity of thought and the innate ability to inspire confidence that sets this coach apart from others. It’s hardly surprising, considering Sunny Life Coach’s mantra: “Live your best life now!” 

With over 20 years of experience in managing business operations for Fortune 100 companies, Kathleen Tucka is hardly just another bubbly life coach with an empathetic ear. Being professionally trained and possessing a well-rounded business management portfolio, Kathleen offers a unique perspective from her extensive and incredible life experiences. 


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One of her key accomplishments as a core member of the management team of a large corporation was to achieve 100 percent on an internal corporate operations audit—a daunting task in the corporate world that clearly shows her grasp of and ability to implement and manage operational processes and systems. Her performance quickly got her noticed and she was entrusted with the coaching and mentoring of all managers and directors in the east coast division with the view of improving operational standards and scores—the result was that the overall scores for the region increased by 25%. It was this phenomenal success that spurred Kathleen to use her gift in a way that would benefit a larger audience. 

After obtaining certification as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Master Business Coach, she decided to take her passion from the corporate world to create her own practice. For two consecutive years, 2021 and 2022, Sunny Life Coach has received the honor of being named “The Best Life Coach” by the readers of Lehigh Valley Style Magazine.

It is this mix of experience and personal success that forms the foundation of Sunny Life Coach’s value of a systematic approach to solving problems and achieving goals. What sets Kathleen apart is her successful career, business, and personal life coaching experience.

Kathleen’s personal mantra has always been: “I refuse to be limited by someone else’s lack of vision.”

About the Company:

Sunny Life Coach assists individuals or small business owners in their everyday life or career and business plans to overcome any mental blocks that hinder their progress by applying a wide range of unique coaching techniques suited to the client’s requirements. It functions as a champion, supporting their innermost desires and life goals and challenging their drive to succeed. Carefully curated programs suited to the client’s specific needs are available in traditional and remote modes of communication. A no-obligation 30-minute trial session can also be availed.

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