Wendy Kier Hosts “Take A Stand: Triumph Over Trauma” Live Conference Between 3rd to the 6th October

Wendy Kier is a UK-based author and women’s empowerment mentor specializing in helping solopreneurs to share their message worldwide. To help others overcome trauma and abuse of any kind. Wendy is hosting a free Live Conference called “Take a Stand: Triumph Over Trauma” next month.

According to data sourced by The World Health Organization, it is estimated that 1 in 3 women worldwide has been subjected to either physical and/or intimate partner violence or non-partner violence in their lifetime.

People think abuse is just about domestic violence, but it is much more complicated than that. , there is a much bigger picture. ABUSE includes discrimination, racism, child sexual abuse, neglect, disability discrimination, ect

A UK author and personal coach Wendy Kier has been actively fighting against violence against women and is inviting any potential victims of abuse to share their stories in her free-attendance live conference “Take a Stand: Triumph Over Trauma” scheduled to launch on the 3rd  October on her website. 

During this conference, Wendy imparts that attendees will have an opportunity to listen to “40 hand-picked life-changing stories that inspire hope” from women across all compass points that overcame trauma (( I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEAN)). These real-life stories will be aired live to reassure abuse victims that they are not alone. 

Wendy’s “Take a Stand: Triumph Over Trauma” conference will also discuss new tools and techniques that could aid abuse victims in their journey to manage and overcome the damage of emotional trauma. 

Wendy Kier imparted that her new book “Transmute Trauma” will be available in pre-launch until the 16th of October, after which her customers and clients can purchase it in all relevant bookstores and online marketplaces.  Directly from amazon

After the massive success of “A Survivor’s Story” and “Rebirth: The Phoenix Rising”, Wendy’s third book is set to arrive with fresh coping, adapting, and overcoming techniques. As Wendy says, Transmute Trauma features five real-life heart-wrenching stories of women who have experienced decades of abuse and have broken the trauma cycle. 

Through “Transmute Trauma”, victims and survivors of abuse will have an opportunity to learn how to overcome their vulnerabilities and turn them into strengths, forgive, and enter a healthier, more joyful stage of life. 

More information about Wendy Kier and the “Triumph Over Trauma” conference is available on Wendy Kier’s official website.

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