What To Consider When Explaining a CV Gap, according to leading IT recruiter Sourced

While a CV gap is not a guaranteed handicap to a job search, leading IT recruitment firm Sourced cites that framing an experience in a positive light and emphasizing strengths can put an applicant’s best foot forward in any job application.

There are various reasons why someone may think of taking a break from work. However, no matter the reason, learning how to address these empty spaces on a CV can be challenging – and failing to do so could mean looking for the perfect role for a person. Sourced, a leading IT Recruitment Agency based in New Zealand, stressed what individuals need to consider when explaining this gap.

“While CV gaps are not inherently negative, it’s always vital to determine them during a job application. Being proactive in discussing CV breaks between dates would help job applicants to demonstrate their self-check and attention to detail,” according to Sourced.

When writing a CV, they must think about the recency and length of the gap in question. If the break took place more than five years ago, it is not likely to warrant significant attention from hiring managers. If the person has been out of employment for years, they must include an explanation.

However, explaining a gap is easier when it is incorporated into the structure of the CV. One of the approaches is to make an entry for the pause itself with a specific role, which includes the date range and a description of what the person was doing during those times.

On the other hand, while it may seem challenging to reframe something like a personal condition or redundancy in a positive light, a job applicant can make this an opportunity to highlight their strengths and resilience. They can focus on the future and what has pushed them to look for their next role.

IT recruiter Sourced also listed down the most common examples of why individuals take time away from their careers. 

Significant and multiple career changes are becoming more frequent, particularly for millennial and gen-Z workers who must learn to adapt to a quickly changing jobs market. These job swaps are usually accompanied by a return to school or other training.

Some press ‘pause’ on a career to explore the globe, enhance professional development, or live abroad, which can be an advantageous move for a CV. Meanwhile, others go for a ‘career break,’ which is when they choose not to have a job. 

Others work on a passion project, establish a start-up, or take the time out for hobbies and self-development. 

Individuals who are still unsure about how to discuss gaps on a resume when applying for a job can reach out to the IT Recruitment Agency for advice when starting a job search in IT.

Sourced are IT recruitment experts and work exclusively in support of developing and maintaining effective IT and Technology functions within businesses. Its team of professionals constantly updates its understanding of the Christchurch and Auckland market through its Sourced Reports and, more importantly, the ever-changing digital scene.

Others who wish to learn more about Sourced may visit its website via www.sourced.nz and other social channels for more information.

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