The Meaning and Mystery of Life announces the date of its Czech premiere on 23/11/23 and proudly presents its initial previews.

This extraordinary, originally crafted film is ten years in the making and the passionate labor of Czech producer, director, and screenwriter Petr Vachler. His many years of deep interest in mysticism and the taboo world of esotericism and spirituality led to a highly successful project on the global streaming platform Netflix – Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (2021). Petr has an undoubtedly unique signature; having walked solely barefoot for eight years, completing a fifty-day fast, and regularly engaging in meditation and dark therapy sessions, he is entirely indelible in Czech cinema.

This cinematic event of 2023 takes the form of a unique multi-genre film filmed over the course of ten years and is delighted to offer you the first short teasers. A distinctive form of animated, live-action, and documentary picture, The Meaning and Mystery of Life presents world-renowned philosophers, scientists, and spiritual figures to viewers. Together with these prestigious consultants, the cast – and one unconventional bumblebee – will guide you through dreamscapes of many stories of life and wonder. 

Authors of bestselling books translated into many languages like Deepak Chopra (Metahuman), Don Miguel Angel  Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Lorna Byrne (Angels in My Hair), and Erich von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods?) are just four out of sixty guest speakers woven into in the film.

Answers to questions of the meaning of life, love, humor, fear, or death are sought in the feature-length film The Meaning and Mystery of Life.

Petr Vachler embarked on his quest to make the film The Meaning and Mystery of Life after a mystical experience in Mexico, Xochitecatl, in 2009. “I’ve understood that the world consists of vibrations. Everything came from words, and later everything repeated itself at various places in the world. Peru, Hawai, Southwest USA, or Prague’s Vinohrady, whether it was thanks to morning exercise or the touch of stone flowers on the plateaus.” Describes Petr of the journey. All of this has later led him to more frequent visits to temazcals (Native American sweat lodges), experiments with holotropic breathing, even an eleven-day stay in total darkness, and many more uncommon undertakings. He loves all-night silent meditations in Sumava’s forests, where he and many others have witnessed a UFO during the daytime within a close distance.

Petr Vachler, the producer, director, screenwriter, and set designer of this upcoming film, The Meaning and Mystery of Life, established his company VAC – Vachler Art Company after the so-called Velvet Revolution in the then Czechoslovakia. His company has produced many successful TV series programs and documentary series focusing mainly on Czech cinematography. He is the founder of the prestigious annual film awards and ceremony, the Czech Lion, and also the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA). He made his feature film debut with the dark comedy Doblba! (2005). This was followed by the controversial documentary series Detektor (2008) for Czech television. This led to the previously mentioned series Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (Netflix, Sky History – 2021). Besides being a director, screenwriter, and producer, Petr has built a post-production facility with film and TV studios based in Prague called Studio Pokrok. He invests himself in animal rights activism, collaborating with many rights groups. Previously he has supported and lent his voice to a Czech documentary about animal exploitation called Svedectvi (Testimony, 2021).

“We all have the same path open to us. We are all one construction, of which not a single piece can be removed. It’s a shared game. We are all part of everything. Not one individual is more or less than the next. All of us have the same possibilities. We are all on a journey through time and life. Sooner or later, every man will appear on the imaginary finish line of cognition or change that they need. I had a feeling that it’s time to share information. Therefore, I have decided to shoot this film. I thought that the premier would be on 21/12/2021, but I have slowed down. The main reason was Covid and the situation around it. I’ve also slowed down the pace so that everyone can see the film in cinemas regardless of their opinions and attitudes. So, the next option for release for a boundless society is 2023. The Meaning and Mystery of Life unites, it does not divide and does not judge anyone.” – Petr Vachler

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