Kristian Vendler – From Small Shop Artist To Global Tattoo Brand

When was the last time a tattoo artist was spotted on the arm of a movie star while walking the red carpet?

Probably never.

After all, artists don’t typically grab the limelight like celebrities. However, that doesn’t mean their work is going unnoticed. Private tattoo artists like Kristian Vendler are carving out a niche in the high-profile category and they are taking their work internationally.

Vendler hails from Zagreb, Croatia, but travels the world during his “Tattoo Tours.”

Vendler specializes in black-and-gray sleeve tattoos inspired by the rich, urban culture of the greater Los Angeles area with a splash of Chicano art mixed in.

This unique fusion, paired with his attention to detail and overall high quality, has created a demand for his work.

Simply following his passion, he didn’t set out to be an international tattoo artist, but once his art-inspired sleeve tattoo went viral Instagram in 2018, he hasn’t been able to hide in the shadows any longer. That piece launched his global, jet-setting career and he hasn’t looked back since.

Vendler often works with industry A-listers – people like Love/Hate British actor Daniel Doyle and German football superstars Javi Martinez and Lucas Hernandez with the FC Bayern Munich.

So, while one not know Kristian Vendler if they passed him on the street, chances are they are familiar with his highly-honed craft – and one day one may see his work featured on the red carpet, in a football locker room or on the television screen and say to themselves:

“That looks like a Kristian Vendler tattoo.”

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