Visiting the Amazon: What Not to Forget

The Amazon is the world’s biggest rainforest, measuring larger than the Congo Basin and Indonesia combined. Being that rainforests are the epicenter of biodiversity; it is no wonder that the Amazon Rainforest receives many tourists and adventurers hoping to explore its depths of wonder. However, travelers should prepare carefully and be sure to pack the following essentials:


1. Dry-Fit Clothing


On average, the humidity is quite high in the Amazon. At 88% in the rain season and 77% in the dry season, travelers will find that getting wet clothes dry again can take days. Dri-fit fabric wicks away moisture and helps it evaporate faster than normal fabric which will help travelers feel fresh and dry longer.


2. Plastic Zip-Loc Bags


If you plan to venture close to the Amazon River, you’ll want to have means to protect your important or electronic gear. Plastic Zip-Loc bags are a great way to keep your identification, maps, GPS, phones and much safer from the rushing waters. Pro tip: place extra socks and underwear in sealed plastic bags for safekeeping.


3. Light Windbreaker Jacket


The rain in the Amazon is no joke. The average annual rainfall is almost 120 inches in the Amazon and in some areas, they can get as much as 400 inches a year. To keep dry under rainfall, be sure to pack a lightweight windbreaker. With highs as much as 91 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as 71 degrees Fahrenheit at night, you do not want a jacket that’s too heavy.


4. Binoculars


Why come to the Amazon without being able to see all the forest has to offer? Most wildlife is at home high in the canopy so a good pair of binoculars is a must-have. So if sloths, macaws and monkeys are on your sight-seeing list, then be sure to pack a pair.


5. Insect Repellent


Let’s face it. When you’re outdoors you can guarantee there are bugs and in the Amazon, the story is no different. Malaria is a very real concern in the Amazon which makes having insect repellent essential and not something to forget. Even if you have sensitive skin, there are plenty of natural-based options such as Young Living Essential Oils that are also safe for young children.


6. Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Wipes


Out in the rainforest, you might not have the best luck locating a toilet or a world-class hotel to take a shower. Keeping just a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a pack of cleaning wipes can help you stay comfortable and feel clean while on the go. Just remember to leave a minimal impact on the environment by taking your used wipes or empty bottles with you.


7. Sunscreen


The sunlight in the Amazon is very strong and if you’re not careful you may find yourself crisping under it. Be sure to pack a brand that is high in SPF and waterproof for the best coverage. Waterproof is best to account for sweat or if your travel plans include venturing into the water.


8. Snacks


With the heat and humidity, it’s easy to feel your energy drop while on the go. Be sure to pack a few extra snacks to provide energy and keep you moving. These can be simple protein bars, a pack of jerky or other small snacks with a long shelf life.


9. Sturdy Walking Shoes


The Amazon is not always going to have access to the best-structured paths and you might find yourself walking on uneven surfaces or balancing over rocks and branches. You will want to be sure to pack shoes that ideally cover your ankles but provide comfort for walking long distances.


The Amazon is a one-of-kind place that warrants a visit. By packing the essentials, you will be able to enjoy its splendor and create memories to last a lifetime. So grab your list, hit the store and back that bag to go!

Source: ArticleCube

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